As a designer and goldsmith Beth Gilmour loves the process of cultivating new ideas and bringing them in to fruition as jewellery. She begins with inspiring visual source material; this can be interesting images or the discovery of a super special gemstone to work with.

“It will come as no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with my work that I love being in nature and take much inspiration from being outdoors. I also draw much inspiration from historical interpretations of natural forms in art, design and textiles. Designers, among many, I admire for the way they depict natural motifs include William Morris and Josef Frank”
- Beth Gilmour

Beth believes the old saying ‘inspiration is everywhere’ and always has her eyes peeled for interesting material - be it found objects in the street to treasures discovered whilst beach-combing. Beth also loves the gold work of the Etruscans; she was lucky enough, for many years, to have been based close to the British Museum in London which has an extensive collection of jewellery from antiquity. 

Design Development

Beth’s design process begins in her sketchpad with exploratory sketches which are quite playful and spontaneous. The ideas she deems most interesting are investigated further and what follows next are more detailed drawings; these form the beginnings of a collection. Model making is also part of the creative process and that often involves making carved wax models and using arrangements of loose gemstones. Sometimes Beth will finalise a design with a technical drawing before starting the making process. She will often make final models in Silver to perfect a design before hand-fabricating a piece in Gold.

Goldsmithing Style

The design aesthetic of Beth Gilmour's jewellery is characterised by an intricate technique she calls botanical filigree; minute gold leaves are fastidiously arranged and painstakingly soldered to form beautiful lace-like fine jewellery. Beth tailor-makes each setting for her stones and solders these in to the leaf’s structure. These settings are made by hand as many stone cuts are un-calibrated and one-of-a-kind.

“Sometimes people ask me how I can make such fine work which clearly involves so much repetition and intense focus... I actually find it very absorbing and meditative and the hours fly by when I am concentrating on a piece like this”
- Beth Gilmour

Beth’s iconic Garland Necklaces typify making process and take many weeks of minute work to complete. This labour of love creates wonderful heirloom jewellery to be worn, treasured and then passed on to loved-ones.

Her signature gold oak leaf jewels are admired for their intricacy and breathtaking craftsmanship. Beth’s clients love the way her fine jewellery is reminiscent of antiquity whilst still being contemporary, stylish and wearable.